Increasingly Widening Financial Gap below Top Clubs

A UEFA research indicates that the financial gap between top clubs and the rest clubs are widening increasingly under the effects of sponsorship. The supervising organization of the ally publishes the massive “European Club Footballing Landscape”, including various financial analysis and impacts of football teams.

The research concentrate on financial conditions on top-division football clubs, revealing a year-on-year income growth of 9.5 percent for the 2016 fiscal year, 6 percent higher than previous two years. In spite of soaring wages of footballers from 2010, the operation profits of the club reached the highest points in the records of its history. Viewing from their scale, revenue of football clubs come from various directions. Sponsorship contracts and commercial activities’ revenue account for 55 percent of total revenues of European top 12 football clubs, like England’s big six, Barcelona and Real Madrid, Bayern and Dortmund, PSG, Juventus; the proportion of this kind of revenue is up to two times of those of top-division clubs from 2010 to 2016. Components of their revenue are as follows: 19 percent from domestic TV Contracts, 13 percent from UEFA prize, 10 percent from spectators and solidarity from leagues.

At the same time, first-class football teams of the top 30 largest teams in six fierce television markets like England and Italy have grasped colossal profits from domestic compacts and sponsors. In addition, three percent of profit comes from prize and solidarity payments.

On the contrary, football clubs not included into football clubs mentioned above depend on revenues for prize and solidarity payments, which account for more than 50 percent of their total income. Only 20 percent from TV series and 30 percent from sponsorship deals; more than 40 percent revenues of first-class European football clubs are derived from domestic televisions and commercial activities.

The research revealed that the financial gap among these two kinds of football clubs are widening day by day. Only the biggest football clubs involved in full range of international media profiles of top leagues.

In six years from 2010 to 2016, football clubs of Premier League experienced the growth at the highest speed. In addition, there are also other findings besides above analysis. The top six market countries get 11 times revenue more the combined 48 countries.

According to news from 20 football clubs of Premier League, these football clubs benefits more than other clubs from the other small leagues.

Now let’s look at a report about Liverpool defender Jon Flanagan, a defender of Liverpool. For assaulting his girl friend, he was sentenced to unpaid work and 12-month community order.

In early days of this month, the 25-year-old defender was pleaded guilty for assaulting Rachael Wall in an overt action. On Friday, Dec. 22, he kicked Rachael Wall, a partner of him in football in Duke Street.

After the hearing in January, he was given unconditional bail. Before the pre-sentence report was written, there was adjourned. For his bad behavior, he was brought to the court and he have to receive the negative sequences of his poor action.

Enjoying the Gladness of an Amazing 4-3 Win

Football fans of club Liverpool sitting in the joyous of a cheering 4-3 over the Man City, a leading football club in Premier Leagues. All footballer of the team have received high comments for their great contributions. After purchasing Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for £40 million, the footballer bring us puzzlement and surprise. He was given the position of Philippe Coutinho, taking the role in the midfield place. In order to comfort Brazilian football fans, one goal and better performances will work, and it is a good way to heal the injured hearts.

The excellent football player Oxlade-Chamberlain made a significant effects on Liverpool in the 4-0 win at Bournemouth. The super goal netted by him was recorded by cameras. Besides the super goal on Sunday, the work efficiency of other football players are also striking in the match. When they played against the football club Man City, they emphasize something regarded as defects usually.

Man City also would like to kick footballs. Many teams will be vulnerable against Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool in tournaments and some significant football matches. Even the Red Devil praised the football club prior to red card of Sadio Mane in last September at the Etihad.


In case of close combat with rivals, it is proved that the manager method is effective in real competitions. Red Devils also feel it is difficult in football matches, which are covered by overwhelming caution. In fact, Wijnaldum could usually vanish in matches, in which one can find his figure at any place.

At a moment, Mohamed Salah was neglected in a 4-1 match, and the Dutch footballer was closed down by two excellent professional football players of Man City. A football was grabbed violently over their heads and was kicked into the path of the Egyptian, which became a highlight of the football match. For the bizarre behavior of the weird football player, Coutinho had discussed and express feelings of themselves for several days.

In despite of pre-match doubt and illness, Can was faced more football matches to play in the season. Football fans of the football player also can understand to some sub-par performances. Informal news on a free transfer to Juventus caught attentions of other football fans. The extensive contract with football club Liverpool may not convince any people.

The two things have not brought any peaceful life to Man City. In their contributions against West Brom, it is a substantial difference one month earlier. When they are tired, the football club Liverpool was slowed down to a crawl. The 4/10 rating makes the football club Man City showing more frustration. Wijnaldum performs well in a match against Man City in the last season. And he also kept a in a good status after winning the only goal.

In fact, many people may hope most of football players can perform well when confronting top football teams. In the event that one do not concentrate on everything of footballers, one could lose face and goals as playing against with football players.

Liverpool Need Enhancement Only to Find Tricky Conditions

Before the par performance and win over Man City on Sunday, Liverpool’s ability was doubted for the department of Philippe Coutinho. At present, the win and par performance illustrate their ability enough as playing with the leading football club of Premier League.

In spite of the loss of the critical professional football player, the coach of football club Liverpool, looks like very confidant and relaxed in preparations for the competitions of Man City. We know the reason why Liverpool can defeated the leader of Premier League. The Liverpool’s first 14 football players are able to compensate for the department of the Brazilian, especially in game resemble to matches on last Sunday, taking the priority of energy and desire over guile and talent.

The front three of Klopp are as good as any group in the Premier League; Klopp can invite one footballer like Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain or Adam Lallana to take the position of Coutinho in midfield. Compared to the Brazilian football player, there are many various kinds of football player played at Liverpool. Although they are not gifted as the departed Brazilian, they are all excellent footballers on the basis of their own ability. So far, Liverpool still keep a good status in football.

Before several weeks, Liverpool are haunted by the problem – the team could not keep their par performances in case of suffering one or two injuries, let along rolling around or rotating his lineup. Many people may feel the loss of Liverpool obviously while Arsenal could build up their football team prior to this transfer window. The incredible win prove the difficulties in winning football matches against Man City with the direction of Klopp.

Even though playing football games without the direction of the Liverpool’s coach Coutinho, the top six professional football player are competent and able to cope with complicate conditions for extremely well education as Klopp’s methods. When all football player were trained as the guidance of the coach, competent footballers will be found to play in many important international matches. Under the guidance of this method, it is easy to improve the starting line-up of the club Liverpool. The task is difficult to realize for many years. That is a positive news and augur well for the future; however, it is not the necessary for Liverpool at present. Most of supporters are hope to introduce new footballer this month, which may be the ends of disappoints. There are many professional football players and many of them could be attained in the middle of a season. An excellent professional football player Riyad Mahrez of Leicester is available, and every football team will be graced by his adding. Nevertheless, no single one top clubs are interested in the excellent football player. Some do not understand the reason why the Liverpool not keen on purchase a gifted footballer like Mahrez; at present, it is the moment they need more creativity and to develop the football team deeply.